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Last day of filming!!!

An absolute pleasure to meet, film and talk with Ben Nahum of wholesale bakers the Bagel Bakery Ltd., in White City. They produce a traditional, artisan, hand made and delicious product which is supplied to top stores, all over London. Today also marked the last […]

Filming our food expert

A really huge pleasure today to film our onscreen expert, Victoria Prever the food editor of the Jewish Chronicle. Victoria has been giving us the definitions of our four sub types of bagel/beigel and tlking about their place in her life. To find out more, […]

The secret of the Jerusalem Bagel

Our 2nd unit have finished filming in Jerusalem and we are now one step nearer to the edit and finishing of the film. There is a secret to the Jerusalem Bagel and it’s……. Something you’ll have to wait to watch the film to find out.

Back to the ancestral home of the Bagel/Beigel

Really interesting trip to Krakow, the ancestral home of the world’s favourite roll and the home of Bagelmama the shop that brought the New York Bagel to Poland. Also on the trip we filmed at the Live Obwarzanek Museum, the Obwarzanek is a close relative […]

North America – Filming completed

A great trip to North America taking in Washington D.C., New York City and Montreal, filming for “More Than A Roll With A Hole”. We met and interviewed some amazing bagel bakers and found the only person we’ve met outside London who agrees that the […]

The Oldest Beigel Bakery in the UK – Perhaps in the world

Open since 1855, we know that the Beigel shop in Brick Lane is the oldest beigel bakery in the UK. The oldest we have been able to find in North America dates from around 1900, but what about Europe? Following the Holocaust and the pogroms […]

Shalom Bakery – The kings of handmade

It was realy great to film with the team at Shalom Bakery in Gants Hill. These guys are some of the very few to still hand roll their bgels in the UK and their skill is awesome. You will see a lot more of them […]

More Than A Roll With A Hole – Teaser

“It came from a plot worthy of a Dan Brown thriller, driven by intolerance to become a world favourite – Everyone loves a Bagel.” Just Green-Lit by Paul Stewart Media and Moving Features Ltd. “More Than A Roll With A Hole” is a documentary which […]